How to polish our skills in Ethical hacking

polish your skills in cybersecurity

Introduction :

  • In recent days, Ethical Hacking offers a good career and most IT industries need professional hacking.
  • In the current scenario, companies are struggling to protect their data from hacking attacks.
  • In many IT industries, ethical hacking is something that provides a good solution and has the capabilities to uncover a new weakness in the work environment.
  • The reason is competition and every company must take the innovative steps ahead of the competition.
  • For no other reason than this is the need for an ethical hacker to be felt in organizations.
  • In India, more than ordinary students would like to pursue ethical hacking training.
  • An ethical hacker’s aim is to defeat criminal hackers in their own games.
  • we can, for example, talk about digital forensics as a career, or malware / software detection, auditing, pen-testing, social engineering and many other professional careers.
  • Increasing cases of computer piracy have forced companies, financial institutions, and notorious government organizations to recruit ethical hackers.
  • Ethical hackers help these companies discover potential vulnerabilities and security leaks of their computer systems and also to protect them from any potential threat.

* first of fall we need to understand to what is Ethical ?

Ethical : It is defined as moral or conforming to standards of conduct.

* Second thing to understand What is Hacking?

Hacking : It is unauthorized use of a Computer & Network Resources.

* Now we need to understand what is ethical Hacking ?

Ethical Hacking : It is Independent computer security Professionals breaking into the computer system.

* It is Performed by only Ethical Hacker.

* It is also called Penetration Testing, Attacks, White hat hacking & Red teaming.

* Ethical hacking is legal.

* Permission is obtained from the target.

* Ethical hacking is part of an overall the security program.

* It is the Identified vulnerability visible from internet at particular point of time.


* A person capable of appreciating someone else hacking.

* A person who enjoys learning the details of a programming language or programming system.

* A person who picks up programming expeditiously.

* A person who relishes genuinely doing the programming rather than just theorizing about it.

* A person proficient in a particular programming language or system

* Strong programming and computer networking skills.

* Learn about the system and endeavoring to find its importences.

* No Ex-hackers.

* Published research papers or released security software.

* An ethical hacker must be certified with the EC-council.

Required Skills of An Ethical Hacker

* First and foremost, to be an effective ethical hacker you must be prepared to continually learn new things about hacking.

* It is a known fact that computer hacking is both science and art.

* To become a hacking expert, you need to become an expert hacker by gaining knowledge with a lot of effort.

* In addition, you must always be up to date with the latest technologies, new vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques.

1.Linux : knowledge of Linux / Unix; Security settings, configuration and services.

2.Routers : Know the routers, routing protocols, and access control lists

3.Firewalls : configurations, and operation of intrusion detection system

4.Microsoft : aptitudes in operation, setup and administration.

5.Technical & Security Knowledge

6.Operating System Knowledge

7.Network Knowledge

8. Computer Expert

9. Patience!!

An ethical hacker should be smart enough to grasp the user’s mindset and situation, to apply social engineering exploits.

* Great problem solving skills are the hallmarks of a good ethical hacker.

* Therefore, you need to have the correct certification, which shows that you not only understand the technical and business implications of hacking to improve security, but you also understand the ethical requirements of legal piracy.

* In other words, you need to learn ethical hacking from a legitimate company to shine in the field.

* Social skills are used every day in three primary ways:

Ø Social engineering : As a certified ethical hacker, you will need to convince people to give you their login credentials, execute files, or even shut down or restart systems. This is called “social engineering” and it requires intense training and practice.

Ø Troubleshooting : If you try to legally hack a system, you will run into roadblocks.

You need to think through problems and find innovative solutions in order to achieve your goals.

Ø Communication : You need to report your results and make recommendations to your employer to improve security and address vulnerabilities.

That means you need to be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels of the business in order to gather information and disseminate your results.

Ethical Hacking Process :

  • Ethical hacking has 6 distinct stages.
  • These stages are not strict rules, but rather more like guidelines that must be followed.

* Reconnaissance : Reconnaissance is the stage where the attacker collects information about a target using active or passive means.

* Scanning : In this process, the attacker begins to actively examine a target computer or network for vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

* Gaining Access : In this process, the vulnerability is located and an attempt is made to exploit it to enter the system.

* Maintaing Access : This is the process by which the hacker has already gained access to a system.

* Clearing Tracks : It is about deleting the logs of all activities that happen during the hacking process.

* Reporting : Reporting is the last step in completing the ethical hacking process

Ethical Hacking Terminology :

* Adware: It is free software supported by advertisements.

* Attack : An attack is an action taken on a system to gain access and extract sensitive data.

* Backdoor : It means of accessing a computer system or encrypted data that bypasses the normal security mechanisms of the system.

* Bot : It is a software application that is programmed to do certain tasks.

* Botnet : Botnet is a chain of connected computers coordinated with each other to perform a task.

* Spam : A Spam is essentially an spontaneous mail, moreover known as garbage e-mail, sent to a expansive number of beneficiaries without their assent.

* Brute force attack : It is a trial and error method used to decrypt sensitive data.

* Buffer overflow : A buffer is a sequential section of memory that is allocated to hold anything from a string of characters to an array of integers.

* Clone phishing : It is a type of phishing attack in which a hacker copies a legitimate message sent from a trusted organisation by email.

* Denial of service attack : it is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intended users.

* Social Engineering : It is the act of exploiting human weaknesses to gain access to personal information and protected systems.

* Exploit kit : It is Simply put, a group of exploits, and it’s one tool for managing a variety of exploits together.

* Keystroke logging : It is the process of tracking the keys that are pressed on a computer.

*Logic bomb : It is secretly inserted into a computer network through the use of malicious code.

* Malware : malware refers to software programs designed to damage or perform other unwanted actions on a computer system.

* Phishing : It could be a sort of social designing assault regularly utilized to take client information, counting login accreditations and credit card numbers.

* Trojan : It is a type of malware that often masquerades as legitimate software.

* rootkit : It could be a program, more commonly a collection of computer program devices, that a danger performing artist can utilize to remotely get to and control a computer or other framework.

* Spyware : It is program that points to gather data around a individual or organization without their information which can send such data to another substance without the assent of the shopper, or that states control over a computer without the information of the buyer.

* Phreaker : Phreakers are people who specialize in attacks on the phone system.

* Master program : It is the program used by a black hat hacker to remotely transmit commands to infected zombie drones, normally to perform Dos attacks or spam attacks.

* Spoofing : It may be a method utilized for unauthorized get to to computers, where an gatecrasher sends messages to a computer with an IP address showing that the message is coming from a trusted have.

* Worms : It is a self-replicating virus that does not modify files, but resides in active memory and duplicates itself.

* Virus : It is a malicious program or code that can copy itself and is usually harmful, e.g. the system damaged or data destroyed.

* Exploit : It is software, data, or script that takes advantage of a bug or vulnerability to compromise the security of a computer or network system.

*Zombie drone : A zombie drone is defined as a connected computer that is used anonymously as a soldier or drone for malicious activity, for example, distributing unwanted spam.

* Vulnerability : It is a vulnerability that allows a hacker to compromise the security of your computer or network system.

* Threat : It is a possible danger that can exploit an existing bug or vulnerability to compromise the security of a computer or network system.

* Sql injection : SQL injection, moreover known as SQLI, may be a common assault vector that employments noxious SQL code for backend database control to get to data that was not planning to be shown.

* Cross site scripting : XSS may be a sort of security defenselessness commonly found in web applications. XSS empowers assailants to embed client-side script into web pages seen by other clients.

* Shrink wrap code : It is an act of exploiting holes in unpatched or misconfigured software.

* Firewall : It is a filter designed to keep unwanted intruders outside a computer system or network while allowing secure communication between systems and users within the firewall.

* Distributed denial of service attack : Distributed network attacks are often referred to as DDoS attacks.

Ethical Hacking Tools :

* Ethical hacking devices are essentially computer programs and scripts that can identify vulnerabilities in computer frameworks, web applications on servers, and systems.

* There are a number of tools available in the market that are widely used to prevent unauthorized access and hacking of a computer or network system.

* There are a variety of tools of this type available on the market.

* Some of the tools are available as open source, while other large organizations use them for commercial purposes.


* Nmap is an open-source tool which stands for Network Mapper.

* It is basically utilized for security inspecting and arrange disclosure.

Ø Acunetix :

* Acunetix is an computerized device for moral hacking by moral programmers to anticipate unauthorized get to by pernicious interlopers.

Ø Metasploit :

* Metasploit is the item of Rapid7 and is one of the foremost capable exploit tools.

Ø SaferVPN :

* SaferVPN is a very useful ethical hacking tool that checks targets in different regions, simulates unauthorized browser access, anonymous transfer of files, etc.

Ø Burp Suite :

* Burp Suite is a popular ethical hacking tool widely used for web application security testing.

Ø LC4 :

* LC4 is a password audit and recovery tool that is also known as L0phtCrack.

* It is used to assess password strength and also to recover lost Microsoft Windows passwords through the use of a dictionary, brute force, and hybrid attacks.

ØAngry IP Scanner :

* Angry IP scanner is able to scan IP addresses from any domain.

Ø Ettercap :

* Ettercap is a kind of ethical hacking tool that supports active and passive dissection of protocols.

Ø Aircrack :

* Aircrack is one of the foremost trusted moral hacking apparatuses which is utilized to break vulnerabilities in arrange associations.

Ø GFI LanGuard :

* GFI LanGuard is the ethical hacking tool mainly used for network vulnerabilities.

Ø Cain & Abel :

* Cain & Abel is utilized by Microsoft Working Frameworks for secret word recovery.

Ø QualysGuard :

* Qualys guard is an ethical hacking tool often used by companies to simplify security and compliance solutions in their digital transformation initiatives.

Ø SuperScan :

* SuperScan is an ethical hack apparatus that’s primarily utilized by organize directors for filtering TCP ports and for investigating hostname issues.

Ø WebInspect :

* WebInspect is used to check for vulnerabilities on the web application server.

Ø IKECrack :

* IKECrack is an open-source ethical hacking too for breaking verification utilizing brute force or dictionary attack.

Certification & Courses for Become Ethical Hacker

* This instructional exercise gives the fundamental rules to ended up a effective Moral Programmer.

* In case you need to exceed expectations in this field, at that point you might select to seek after the taking after courses and certifications −

Ø Get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or A+ Certificate to gain an understanding of the foremost common equipment and software technologies.

Ø Get into a programmer’s part for a number of a long time and after that switch to induce a tech support position.

Ø Continue to induce arrange certifications like Organize+ or CCNA and after that security certifications like Security+, CISSP, or TICSA.

Ø It is prescribed that you just get a few work encounter as a Arrange Build and Framework Director to get it systems and frameworks interior out.

Ø Keep going through different books, instructional exercises and papers to get it different computer security perspectives and take them as a challenge to secure your organize and computer frameworks as arrange security engineer.

Ø Think about courses which cover making Trojan horse, backdoors, viruses , and worms, Denial of service attack (DoS), SQL injection, buffer overflow, session hijacking, and framework hacking.

Ø Master of the penetration testing, footprinting and reconnaissance, and social engineering.

Ø At last go for a Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Certification.

Ø GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) and Offensive Security Certified Professional(OSCP) are extra IT security certifications which is able include a part of esteem to your profile.

Conclusion :

* Ethical hacking seems to be a new buzzword although the techniques and design of testing security by attacking an installation are not new at all.

* After all, ethical hacking can play some theft of security rating offers and has positively attained its place among alternative ratings of Security.

* Finally, It must be said that the ethical hacker is an educator who seeks to enlighten not only the client but also the protection industry as a whole.

* In this Article, we’ve tried to explore and make you understand the How to polish our skills in Ethical hacking related details and more that aspirants should know to advance their certification & courses to become ethical hacking.

* We hope this will be a quick reference for you to make a decision about moving ahead in the How to polish our skills in Ethical hacking field.



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