Future and Carrers in Cybersecurity

future and carrers in cybersecurity

Introduction :

* Cyber Security technologies and processes that protect It assets from cyber attacks.

Future in CyberSecurity :

* When we talk about the cybersecurity market, there still persists a skill gap that will take a couple of years to fill up.

* The some of the key IT trends and factors that will continue to drive demand for cybersecurity jobs in the future.

· Internet of Things (IoT)

* The most popular cybersecurity skills you can expect to remain or become relevant in the future.

· Incident response

*The following explores the cybersecurity certifications that’ll be relevant for the future of cybersecurity jobs.

· GSEC : GIAC Security Essentials

* In India, most of the Cyber Security job post is looking for resources proficient in:

· Python

Carrers in CyberSecurity :

* It has never been easy for students to find their ideal job, but this year the task got a little harder with the news that graduate job vacancies have fallen for the first time in four years.

* How to start Carrers in cyberSecurity

· Earn a bachelor’s degree : Most jobs require a four-year bachelor’s degree in cyber security or a related field such as information technology or computer science

*Reasons you should Consider a Carrers in cyberSecurity

· You already know the Basics.

* Career Paths in Cybersecurity

· Chief Information Security Officer

* Career Boosters

· Certification and accreditation

*Skills for CyberSecurity Careers

· Communication Skills

What are the opportunities ?

* Cybersecurity has gained a lot of attention, from portrayals in series and movies to job opportunities, crash courses and academic courses everywhere.

What are the Challenges ?

* Today cybersecurity is the main component of the country’s overall national security and economic security strategies.

* The Biggest challenges in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence acts a parallel in cyber-attack & in prevention

What are the Threats ?

* Threats CyberSecurity is an offensive action that targets computer networks, personal or professional devices by using various methods to alter,steal, or destroy data.

What are the Demands ?

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